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(Hugo H., 27 days ago)

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Very easy to use!

(Leslie S., 353 days ago)

clear, easy to follow instructions!

(Judi C., 588 days ago)

I had trouble figuring out that I needed to click on the "Create An Account" button to continue with my order. I looped back to that same page 10 times until I finally got it! - HA HA HA!

(Donna M., 839 days ago)


(Pamela H., 849 days ago)

Very nice webpage and it was easy to make my purchase, thanks!

(Robert O., 1,023 days ago)

All was smooth and perfect.

(Barbara R., 1,116 days ago)

Thank you. I can't be home for Christmas and this makes it easy

(Lisa C., 1,120 days ago)

very easy

(Michael R., 1,211 days ago)

I had trouble finding the product my wife wanted so I emailed them. Their responses were expeditious and professional. The purchase online is straight forward and speedy; made spending money painless.

(David S., 1,263 days ago)

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